Bao Tianxiao (Pao T'ien-hsiao) 1875-1973

Originally named Bao Gongyi, he started to teach as a private tutor at the age of sixteen and obtained the first degree (xiucai) at eighteen. He used many different pen-names during the seventy years of his literary career, wrote more than thirty novels, edited many newspapers and magazines, and was also a translator and one of the founders of the 'Southern [Poetry] Society'. Born in Suzhou, he lived many years in Shanghai, then in 1947 moved to Taiwan, and later to Hong Kong, where he died.

  • Ren jian diyue xuji (A Living Hell, Sequel) 1928
  • Liufang ji (Shine Forever) 1925
  • Yishi zhuxing de bainian bianqian (The Changes of the Basic Necessities of
       Life) 1964
  • Translated stories by H. Rider Haggard and Hector Malot