Chen Lengxue 陳冷血 [pen name of Chen Jinghan 陳景韓, 1878-1965]

Born in Songjiang county in Jiangsu province (now Shanghai), was a journalist, translator, and fiction-writer in the late Qing and early Republican periods. He studied literature at Waseda University in Japan, and later became the editor of Shi bao 時報 [Eastern times], Xin xin xiaoshuo 新新小說 [New new fiction], and the more well-known Shen bao 申報 [Shanghai news]. As a translator, he was famous for his relay translation of many Western popular fiction, especially detective and nihilist stories. In fiction writing, some of his renowned works include 'Xiake tan: Daoyusheng zhuan' 俠客談:刀餘生傳 [Tales of knights-errant: The biography of Spared-the-Blade] (1904), 'Cuixing shu' 催醒術 [The art of awakening] (1909), and Xin 'Xiyouji' 新西遊記 [New Journey to the West] (1909).