He Furen (Ho Fuk Yan)

Born in Hong Kong, He Fure graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1977, after which he became a secondary school teacher. His creative work first appeared in The Chinese Student Weekly 中國學生周報 and Current Literature 當代文藝, and he was a literary columnist for Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 and Express News 快報 (late 1970s to 1980s). The many influential literary magazines he co-founded or edited include Damuzhi 大拇指 [Thumb], Compass 羅盤, and Su Yeh Literature 素葉文學. Among his collected works is Ruguo luoxiang Niudun naodai de bushi pingguo 如果落向牛頓腦袋的不是蘋果 [If the thing that fell on Newton's head was not an apple] (1995), winner of the 1996 Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature (Poetry).