Among the Best:
Stephen C. Soong Chinese Translation Studies Awards
1999-2004 Vol. 2

Edited by Eva Hung

Set up by the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a donation from the Soong family, the Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Awards aim at encouraging original research in Chinese Translation Studies, particularly in the use of first-hand sources for historical and cultural investigations. The present volume contains 20 papers. They represent some of the best works in Chinese translation scholarship in recent years.

Table of Contents
Foreword Eva Hung 5
Faithfulness, Manipulation, and Ideology: A Descriptive Study of Chinese Translation Tradition Chang Nam Fung 9
Polysystem Theory: Its Prospect as a Framework for Translation Research Chang Nam Fung 36
Politics and Poetics in Translation: Accounting for a Chinese Version of Yes Prime Minister Chang Nam Fung 53
Translation and Power: A Hong Kong Case Study Martha Cheung 82
Tailoring Translation Programmes to Social Needs: A Survey of Professional Translators Li Defeng 101
The Chinese and Western Translation Traditions in Comparison Tan Zaixi 126
Integration of Form and Content for Communication Through Translation: With Reference to Pronouns in Chinese Discourse Zhu Chunshen 154
Perception and Cognition in Translating Chinese Landscape Poetry: A Case Study of Liu Zongyuan's poem River Snow Zhu Chunshen 177
Abstracts of Chinese Papers
From Periphery to Centre (?): Past and Future of Chinese Translation Studies As Viewed froma Polysystemic Perspective Chang Nam Fung 199
Simple Translation vs. Sophisticated Translation: A Critical Survey of Theory of Buddhist Translation in China Chu Chi Yu 201
Interdisciplinary Transplantation in Translation Studies Li Yunxing 203
Translation as Discourse: A Re-reading of Wei Yi and Lin Shu's Chinese Translation of Uncle Tom's Cabin Martha P. C. Cheung 205
Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Translation Theory: An Important Area of Research for Translation Studies Tan Zaixi 206
Cultural Identification of Foreign Concepts: A Hypothesis Wang Dongfeng 208
The Cultural Positioning of Translated Literature and the Cultural Attitude of the Translator Wang Dongfeng 210
Ideology and China's History of Literary Translation in the 20th Century: 1899-1979 Wang Yougui 212
Literary Translation and Theory of Criticism Xia Zhongyi 214
Integrating the Empathy and Perspectives of Authors, Translator and Reader: A Case of Text Recreation Xu Jun 216
On 'Laws' of Translating Manipulation-A Dialectical Probe into the Relations between Translation Theory and Practice Zeng Lisha 218
A Study of China's 1980s Translation Movement from the Perspective of its Organization Methods Wang Xiaoming 220
Notes on Authors 222

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