No. 2 (Spring 1974)

Table of contents

5 YING-SHIH YU: The Two Worlds of Hung-lou meng (Diana Yu)
23 LIN YUTANG'S Appreciation of The Red Chamber Dream
  Selections from Novels
65 CH'IEN CHUNG-SHU: The Besieged City (Jeanne Kelly)
83 WU CH'ENG-EN: The Journey to the West (Anthony C. Yu)
118 CHIANG KUEI: The Whirlwind (Timmthy A. Ross)
127 LI PO-YUAN: Modern Times or A Brief History of Enlightenment (Douglas Lancashire)
  Short Stories
31 CHANG T'IEN-YI: "A New Life" (Carl B. Durley)
53 FENG MENG-LUNG, ed.: The Case of the Dead Infant (C.T. Hsia and
Susan Arnold Zonana)
99 HSU YU: Sister Tsui-ling (George Kao)
50 Three Poems by Ts'ao Chih (Mok wing-yin)
115 Translations by Graeme Wilson
34 The Cartoons of Feng Tzu-kai
126 Selected News pictures from the Tien-shih Chai Pictorial
167 The Winter-Sweet Tree by Monk Chien-chiang
'Hung-lou' in English22, Genesis of a Book25, Some Western Evaluation30, The Monkey Epic81, Monkey Talk98, Vocational Guidance114.
  Editor's Page 4
  Notes on Contributors 165
  Chinese Texts 168

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