No. 3 (Autumn 1974)

Table of contents

5 LIANG SHIH-CH'IU: On Translating Shakespeare (Chau Sui-cheong and
Derek Herforth)
62 LI YU on the Performing Arts (Man Sai-cheong)
81 STEPHEN C. SOONG: My Father and Maugham (Diana Yu)
102 DANIEL S.P. YANG: Black Dragon Residence — from Script to Stage Productions
19 LIU T'SUN-YAN: Ying Niang (Susan Macdougall)
32 ANONYMOUS: Ghost of the Pot (George A. Hayden)
53 PO P'O: Rain on the Wu-t'ung Tree (Shizue Matsuda)
66 TS'AO YU: Peking Man (Lily Winters)
91 ANONYMOUS: The Jewel Bag (Josephine Hung)
117 TING HSI-LIN: Oppression (Joseph S. M. Lau)
128 HSIA YEN: Under the Eaves of Shanghai (Yao Hsin-nung)
149 T'ANG HSIEN-TSU: The Peony Pavilion (Cyril Birch)
28 Songs of Kuan Han-ch'ing (Allen P. Alsop and C. Godwin)
125 Ma Chih-yuan's "Autumn Thoughts" (Kenneth P. H. Ho)
116 Pigeons attrib. to Giuseppe Castiglioni
128 Shanghai by Paul Hogarth
177 A Small Theatre in a Great Big World by Ting Yin-yung
How to Translate the Bard — 18, The Yuan Plays31, An Actor Prepares — 115,
The Art of Rendering Dialogue — 148, The Story of Mou-tan t'ing150,
Mei Lan-fang in America
  Editor's Page 4
  Notes on Contributors 175
  Chinese Texts 178

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