No. 4 (Spring 1975)

Table of contents
(Translators' names in parentheses)

5 WING-TSIT CHAN: Neo-Confucian philosophical Poems
40 GERALD BULLETT: An Experiment in Translation
46 WANG FANG-YU: Levels of Difficulty in Translation
22 HSIAO CHUN: Goats (Howard Goldblatt)
73 PA CHIN: To a Cousin - Preface to the 10th Edition of "Family" (Shang-lan Mui Yeh)
116 LING SHU-HUA: Short Stories (Marie Chan)
I     Mid-Autumn Eve — 116
II    Embroidered Pillow — 124
129 WU WO-YAO: Bizarre Happenings Eyewitnessed in Two Decades (Shih Shun Liu)
83 Two, Ming Biographies (Hok-lam Chan)
I     CHU YUAN-CHANG: The Crazy Chou Immortal — 85
II    SUNG LIEN: The Iron-Cap Taoist — 90
      More About Chang Chung — 93
49 YANG HSIEN-CHIH: Rain on the Hsiao-hsiang (J.I. Crump)
102 TS'AO YU: The Wilderness (Jane Lai)
43 The Golden Year of Fan Ch'eng-ta (Gerald Bullett)
96 Poetry from Peking (Hsu Kai-yu)
47 By the Lion Cliff Rock, by Mei Ch'ing
48 I take my books and sit there, by P'u Hsin-yu
128 Someone Dead nine Times Out of Ten, woodcut by Rosanna Wei-han Li
153 My Love for the Lotus, calligraphy by Wang Chi-Yuan
An Author's Mentors — 39, The Roots of a Novel — 71, On Target— 115,
A Bannerman at the Teahouse (Gloria Bien) — 148, Books Received — 152.
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 151 Chinese Texts 154
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