No. 5 (Autumn 1975)

Table of contents
(Translators' names in parentheses)

8 CH'IEN CHUNG-SHU: Lin Ch'in-nan Revisited (George Kao)
22 Lin Shu's Classic Translations
26 The Translator Who Knew No English—Lin Shu
I    CHENG CHEN-TO: A Contemporary Appraisal of Lin Shu (Diana Yu)
II   Arthur Waley on Lin Shu
32 JONATHAN SPENCE: The Explorer Who Never Left Home—Arthur Waley
38 LIN WEN-YUEH: The Tale of Genji and the Song of Enduring Woe (Diana Yu)
50 JOHN TURNER: Translating Chinese Poetry—My Aim and Scope
66 Y.W. WONG: A Close Look at the "Pear Blossom"
79 OUYANG TZU: The Fictional World of Pai Hsien-yung (Cynthia Liu)
110 CHEN CHIH-MAI: Robert van Gulik and The Judge Dee Stories
89 PAI HSIEN-YUNG: The Eternal Yin Hsueh-yen (Katherine Carlitz and
Anthony C. Yu)
98 PAI HSIEN-YUNG: New Year's Eve (Diana Granat)
118 FUNG MENG-LUNG: The Case of The Gold Hairpins (P.C. Yao)
59 PO CHÜ-I: The Song of Enduring Woe (John Turner)
73 The Poetry of Yu Kwang-chung (Louise Ho, Stephen C. Soong and Yu Kwang-chung)
106 Lyrics by Ho Chu (Stuart H. Sargent)
32 Arthur Waley: Against a Chinese Screen, by Dr. Georgette Boner
65 Portrait of Yang Kuei-fei, by T'ang Ying
139 Family Togetherness, traditional Chinese woodblock print
David Hawkes on Lin Shu—21,
PAO T'IEN-HSIAO: A Preface by Lin Ch'in-nan—25,
Where Translators Disagree—58, Chronicler of Taipei Types—87,
More About Judge Dee—117, Books Received—138.
160 Index to Renditions
Volume I (Nos. 1,2,3)
Volume II (Nos. 4,5)
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 137 Chinese Texts 140
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