No. 6 (Spring 1976)

Table of contents

6 HSIO-YEN SHIH: Poetry Illustration and the Works of Ku K'ai-chih
30 RICHARD EDWARDS: The Artist and the Landscape—Changing Views of Nature in Chinese Painting
53 CHIH KUNG: A Brief Note on the Lacquer Screen Painting of Northern Wei (Translated by Mayching Kao)
63 HIN-CHEUNG LOVELL: A Question of Choice, A Matter of Rendition
70 WANG FANG-YU: Chu Ta's "Shih Shuo Hsin YĆ¼" Poems (Translated by
Aileen Huang Wei and Wang Fang-yu)
85 JONATHAN CHAVES: Some Relationships Between Poetry and Painting in China
92 From the Chinese of Wang Wei (Translated by Albert Faurot)
95 DIANA YU: The Printer Emulates the Painter—the Unique Chinese Water-and-ink Woodblock Print
102 J.W.: Peasant Paintings from Hu-hsien
106 YU FEI-AN: The Use of Colour in Chinese Folk Art (Translated by D.Y.)
107 ELLEN JOHNSTON LAING: Biographical Notes on Three Seventeenth Century Chinese Painters
111 CHU-TSING LI: Problems Concerning the Life of Wang Mien, Painter of Plum Blossoms
125 LAURENCE C.S. TAM: Plant Paintings of Two Yang-chou Masters
138 JAO TSUNG-I: Painting and the Literati in the Late Ming (Translated by
James C.Y. Watt)
144 THOMAS LAWTON: Notes on Keng Chao-chung
152 HSIANG TA: European Influences on Chinese Art in the Later Ming and Early Ch'ing Period (Translated by Wang Teh-chao)
179 NELSON I. WU: The Chinese Pictorial Art, Its Format and Program: Some Universalities, Particularities and Modern Experimentations
204 Notes on Contributors
207 Chinese Texts

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