No. 7 (Spring 1977)

Table of contents
(Translators' names in parentheses)

5 C.H. WANG: Chou Tso-jen's Hellenism
48 YI-T'UNG WANG: The Political and Intellectual World in the Poetry of Juan Chi
62 YU KWANG-CHUNG: Impersonality in Poetry: A Second Thought
Art of Translation
73 STEPHEN C. SOONG: Two Types of Misinterpretation — Some Poems from
Red Chamber Dream
93 LING CHUNG: Whose Mountain Is This? — Gary Snyder's Translation of Han Shan
39 AI WU: Return by Night (Rayomnd S.W. Hsu)
103 KAN PAO: In Search of the Supernatural — Selections from Sou-shen chi
(Kenneth DeWoskin)
133 HWANG CHUN-MING: Sayonara, Tsai Chien (Howard Goldblatt)
29 WANG CHIU-SSU: The Wolf of Chung Shan (J.I. Crump)
115 TUNG CHIEH-YUAN: The Romance of the Western Chamber (Shiao-ling Yu)
45 Five Chinese Lyrics (D.C. Lau)
86 The Four "Garden Poems" of Hung-lou meng, calligraphy by Yeh Kung-ch'ao
163 Drunken Fisherman by a Reed Bank, by T'ang Yin
How I Translated from the Greek — 6,
Is Pun the Nemesis of Translation? — 71,
Translator to Critic — 72,
Lin Shu's Translations — A Bibliographical Note — 132.
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 161 Chinese Texts 132
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