No. 8 (Autumn 1977)

Table of contents
(*Asterisks denote items with Chinese text)

5 VINCENT Y.C. SHIH: Literature and Art in The Analects (C.Y. Hsu)
59 CHARLES HARTMAN: Han YĆ¼ and T.S. Eliot-A Sinological Essay in Comparative Literature
77 HAN YU: Selected Essays* (Shih Shun Liu)
I.   The Thousand-li Horse
II.  On the Teacher
III. Biography of Wang Ch'eng-fu, the Mason
92 CHIN CHUN-MING: Four Episodes in Praise of the Orchid* (Yuan Heh-hsiang)
97 FANG PAO: Tso Kuang-tou and Shih K'o-fa* (Wen-djang Chu)
Art of Translation
39 MIMI CHAN: On Translating Chaucer into Chinese
52 SHEN CHI-CHI: Miss Jen* (Frederick C. Tsai)
123 TING LING: In the Hospital (Susan M. Vacca)
137 WANG TING-CHUN: The Wailing Chamber (Simon S.C. Chau)
99 LYNN A. STRUVE: The Peach Blossom Fan as Historical Drama
115 K'UNG SHANG-JEN: The Peach Blossom Fan* (Richard E. Strassberg)
82 DANIEL BRYANT: Three Varied Centuries of Verse—a brief note on Ming poetry
85 Selected Ming Poems (Daniel Bryant)
78 Two Horses and a Groom, attributed to Han Kan
149 Seeking Inspiration on the Donkey's Back, by Jen Po-nien
A Race Without Winners, "Picture" in the Mind — 96,
Cardinal Principle of Translation — 136, Books Received — 157.
158 Volumes III and IV (Nos. 6, 7 and 8)
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 147 Chinese Texts 149
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