No. 9 (Spring 1978)

Table of contents
(*Asterisks denote items with Chinese text)

5 CHENG TE-K'UN: Chinese Nature Painting
30 C.T. HSIA: The Chinese Sense of Humor
85 CH'IEN CHUNG-SHU: Tragedy in Old Chinese Drama
92 PERNG CHING-HSI: Language as Discovery: An Aspect of Yüan Drama
47 T.C. LAI: Choice Morsels — Some Food for Thought from Yüan Mei and Li Yü*
81 VICTOR H. MAIR: Toadyism — A Study in Contrasts
I T'AO TSUNG-I: Notes Made While Resting from Farm Work*
II TSUNG CH'EN: Letter in Reply to Liu I-chang*
37 GEORGE KAO: From A Thesaurus of Chinese Laughs
43 LIANG SHIH-CH'IU: The Fine Art of Reviling* (William B. Pettus)
103 CHI CHUN-HSIANG: The Revenge of the Orphan of Chao (Pi-twan H. Wang)
65 YÜ TA-FU: Smoke Shadows (Bonnie S. McDougall)
62 More Translations by John Turner
71 HUANG YUNG-WU: Four Symbolic Plants in Chinese Poetry (Wong Wai-leung)
7 Visit at Night, by Shen Chou
8 Home by the Water, by Ch'ien Ku
135 Calligraphy by Mi Fu
A Singular Gift — 36, Orphan Chao in the West — 102,
Never Quite Got It — 131, Books Received — 132.
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 133 Chinese Texts 135
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