No. 13 (Spring 1980)

Table of contents
(*Asterisks denote items with Chinese text)

5 DAVID HAWKES: The Translator, the Mirror and the Dream--Some Observations on a New Theory
40 WINSTON L.Y. YANG: Classical Chinese Fiction in the West: 1960-1980
60 CHUN-SHU CHANG & HSUEH-LUN CHANG: P'u Sung-ling and His Liao-chai chih-I—Literary Imagination and Intellectual Consciousness in Early Ch'ing China
21 WU CH'ENG-EN: The Journey to the West* (Anthony C. Yu)
P'U SUNGLING: Selections from Liao-chai chih-i
  Lien-suo*, Hsiang-yü, Heng-niang, Jui-yün (Y.K. Martin)
A-pao*, Hsia-nü (Yuk-ying Lo)
Ch'ang-ch'eng* (Katherine Carlitz)
Ch'ang-t'ing, Huan-niang, A-hsia (C.Y. Hsu)
TS'AO HSÜEH-CH'IN: T'ao-hua hsing
  The flower of the Peach (David Hawkes)
Peach-Blossom (Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang)
82 Calligraphy by P'u Sung-ling
143 Tai-yü Burying the Flowers, by Liu Danzhai
The Ultimately Impossible — 39, Roll Away the Stone — 81,
Books Received — 140
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 141 Chinese Texts 144
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