No. 14 (Autumn 1980)

Table of contents
(*Asterisks denote items with Chinese text)

22 GEORGE KAO: A Universal Vernacular — When "Taipei Characters" Speak in English
27 GAYLORD KAI LOH LEUNG: Hsü Chih-mo and Bertrand Russell
73 MEI-SHU HWANG: Translating Puns for the Stage
87 MIMI CHAN and PIERS GRAY: The Game of Names: A Note on Rendering Chinese Poetry into English Verse
5 PAI HSIEN-YUNG: Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream* (the Author and Patia Yasin)
95 HSIA CHIH-YEN: A Saturday in Shanghai (Donald Holzman)
39 TU FU: Six Quatrains Written in Jest (John Timothy Wixted)
64 CHOU MENG-TIEH: Selections from Huan-hun ts'ao (Hsin-sheng C. Kao)
79 Three Poems on Yang Kuei-fei (Mimi Chan and Piers Gray)
43 YANG CHIANG: Windswept Blossoms (Edward Gunn)
113 The Lotus by Pan Tianshou
The K'unshan Opera — 7, Feeling for Truth and Language — 110
Editor's Page 4 Notes on Contributors 111 Chinese Texts 113
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