No. 15 (Spring 1981)

Table of contents
(*Asterisks denote items with Chinese text)

7 YING-SHIH YÜ: The Study of Chinese History: Retrospect and Prospect
(Translated by Thomas H.C. Lee and Chun-chieh Huang)
27 LIU CHIH-CHI: Understanding History: the Narration of Events* (Translated by Stuart H. Sargent)
35 BURTON WATSON: Some Remarks on Early Chinese Historical Works*
49 YING-SHIH YÜ: The Seating Order at the Hung Men Banquet (Translated by
T.C. Tang)
62 STEPHEN C. SOONG: A Poet's-eye View of History (Translated by Mok Wing-yin)
67 WINSTON L.Y. YANG: From History to Fiction--the Popular Image of Kuan Yu
81 T'AO CH'ENG-CHANG: The Evolution of China's Secret Sects and Societies (Translated by Ssu-yü Teng)
103 WANG CH'ING-CH'ENG: Hung Hsiu-ch'üan's Early Thought and the Taiping Revolution (Translated by C. A. Curwen)
139 LIANG CH'I-CH'AO: A Biography of T'an Ssu-t'ung* (Translated by Chan Sin-wai)
151 WILLIAM A. ROULSTON: After 3,000 Years — A Scene from An Ancient Classic Comes to Life
155 ALBERT G. HESS: The "Memoirs" of Li Hung-chang — the Story of a Non-translation
169 XIAO HONG: A Remembrance of Lu Xun (Translated by Howard Goldblatt)
192 Notes on Contributors
195 Chinese Texts
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