Nos. 17 & 18 (Spring & Autumn 1982)

Table of contents

1 LIU TS'UN-YAN: Introduction: "Middlebrow" in Perspective
41 P'U SUNG-LING: Marriage as Retribution (Translated by Chi-chen Wang)
95 HAN PANG-CH'ING: Sing-song Girls of Shanghai (Translated by Eileen Chang)
111 STEPHEN CHENG: Sing-song Girls of Shanghai and Its Narrative Methods
137 TSENG P'U: A Flower in a Sinful Sea (Translated by Rafe de Crespigny and
Liu Ts'un-yan)
193 H.P. TSENG: My Father's Literary Journey (Translated by Colin Modini)
199 C.T. HSIA: Hsü Chen-ya's Yü-li hun: An Essay in Literary History and Criticism
241 PERRY LINK: An Interview with Pao T'ien-hsiao
255 CHANG HEN-SHUI: Fate in Tears and Laughter (Translated by Sally Borthwick)
288 Notes on Contributors
290 Notes on Illustrations
293 Chinese Text
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