No. 23 (Spring 1985)

Table of contents

6 FENG MENGLONG: Wang Xinzhi's Death, and How It Saved His Whole Family (translated by John Page and C.T. Hsia)
31 DUANMU HONGLIANG: Snowy Night (translated by Richard Rigby)
39 LIU XINWU: Black Walls (translated by Geremie Barmé)
47 WU YOURU: Selections from the Dianshizhai Pictorial (translated by Don J. Cohn)
71 WONG YOON WAH: Yu Dafu in Exile: His Last Days in Sumatra
84 BO YANG: The Ugly Chinaman (translated by Don J. Cohn)
104 LI BO: Four Poems (translated by Moon Kwan)
108 LI YU: Five Lyrics (translated by Susan So)
111 BEI DAO: Ten Poems (translated by Bonnie S. McDougall)
Poetry by Jiang He and Yang Lian
120 WAI-LIM YIP: Crisis Poetry: An Introduction to Yang Lian, Jiang He and Misty Poetry
131 JIANG HE: Four Poems (translated by Alisa Joyce, Ginger Li and John Minford)
140 YANG LIAN: Three Poems (translated by John Minford, Seán Golden, Pang Bingjun and Alisa Joyce)
162 YANG LIAN: Concerning "Norlang" (translated by Alisa Joyce, with John Minford)
164 XIANG CHUAN: Differing Views on Yang Lian's Recent Works (translated and adapted by Zhu Zhiyu)
166 Book Notices
168 Notes on Contributors

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