Nos. 27 & 28 (Spring & Autumn 1987)

Table of contents

10 EILEEN CHANG: Stale Mates
19 LIN HAIYIN: Memories of Old Peking (translated by Cathy Poon)
49 LI ANG: Curvaceous Dolls (translated by Howard Goldblatt)
61 LI ANG: Butcher (translated by Fan Wen-met and John Minford)
76 YUAN QIONGQIONG: Cat (translated by Howard Goldblatt)
78 Taiwan Women Poets: Selected Poems (translated by Ling Chung and Seán Golden)
113 XI XI: Piñata (translated by Hannah Cheung and John Minford)
123 PENG CAO: Wings (translated by Hannah Cheung with D.E. Pollard)
127 XINQISHI: Stuck in the Throat (translated by Don J. Cohn)
141 ZHANG JIE: What's Wrong with Him? (translated by Gladys Yang)
158 SHEN RONG: Not Your Average Girl (translated by Geremie Barmé)
163 ZHANG XINXIN: Dust (translated by W.J. F. Jenner)
174 WANG ANYI: The Mouth of the Famous Female Impersonator (translated by
Zhu Zhiyu with Janice Wickeri)
184 WANG ANYI: Love in a Small Town (translated by Eva Hung)
204 CAN XUE: The Hut on the Hill (translated by Michael S. Duke)
208 LIU SUOLA: In Search of the King of Singers (translated by Martha Cheung)
235 CHENG NAISHAN: Why Parents Worry (translated by Janice Wickeri)
249 Mainland Chinese Women Poets: Selected Poems (translated by Amy Klauke and Zhu Zhiyu with Eva Hung)
253 SHU TING: Selected Poems (translated by Eva Hung)
270 Notes on Contributors
272 Index to Renditions
Volumes XIII and XIV (Nos. 25, 26, 27 and 28)
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