Nos. 33 & 34 (Spring & Autumn 1990) Classical Prose

Table of contents

9 The Book of Lü Buwei: excerpts (translated by Chi-Chen Wang)
24 SIMA QIAN: Shi ji: The Biography of Lord Shang (translated by Burton Watson)
35 FAN YE: Hou Han shu: Biographies of Recluses (translated by Burton Watson)
52 WANG FU: Thinking of Worthies (translated by Margaret J. Pearson)
58 YAN ZHITUI: Yan's Family Instructions: excerpts (translated by D. C. Lau)
Han and Six Dynasties Parallel Prose (translated by David R. Knechtges)
  KONG RONG: Memorial Recommending Mi Heng
LI MI: Memorial Expressing My Feelings
LU JI: Disquisition on the Fall of a State
PAN YUE: Dirge for Yang Zhao
LIU KUN: Memorial Urging the Succession
111 SONG QI: Biography of Li Bai (translated by William Dolby)
116 LI BAI: Two Prose Pieces (translated by Shiu-Pang E. Almberg)
120 LU GUIMENG: A Monument to Rustic Temples (translated by D.E. Pollard)
123 SU SHI: Dongpo's Miscellaneous Records: excerpts (translated by Eva Hung)
141 ZHONG SICHENG: Preface to Ghost Register (translated by William Dolby)
144 FANG XIAORU: The Mosquito Dialogue (translated by D.E. Pollard)
148 GUI YOUGUANG: Two Essays (translated by D.E. Pollard)
155 ZHANG DAI: Six Essays (translated by D.E. Pollard and Soh Yong Kian)
Four Examination Essays of the Ming dynasty (translated by Andrew Lo)
  TANG SHUNZHI: Zi Mo holds on to the middle ... Holding on to the middle is closer to being right, but to do this without the proper measure is no different from holding to one extreme
TAO WANGLING: The Master asked about Gongshu Wenzi
AI NANYING: The People are of supreme importance
TAN YUANCHUN: Zeng Xi was fond of eating jujubes
182 WANG FUZHI: Three excerpts from Shi Guangzhuan (translated by Siu-kit Wong)
188 FENG MENGLONG: Preface to The Hall of Laughter (translated by Eva Hung)
190 SHI CHENGJIN: Preface to A Good Laugh (translated by Eva Hung)
192 YUAN MEI: Thoughts on Master Huang's Book Borrowing (translated by
D.E. Pollard)
195 FANG BAO: Life in Prison (translated by D.E. Pollard)
201 GONG ZIZHEN: Two Essays (translated by Janice Wickeri)
205 LIN SHU: Three Essays (translated by Chu Chiyu)
Two Travel Essays on European Cities (translated by Eva Hung)
  LI SHUCHANG: On Brighton
XUE FUCHENG: At a Parisian Oil Painting Exhibition
214 Notes on Contributors
217 Chinese Texts
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