Nos. 35 & 36 (Spring & Autumn 1991) Contemporary Taiwan Literature

Table of contents

v Preface
1 AH SHENG: On a Tiled Courtyard I Pick Up the Years (translated by Eva Hung)
8 WU SHENG : Three Essays (translated by Duncan Campbell)
18 CHEN GUANXUE: The Countryside: Past and Present (translated by D.E. Pollard)
33 SHANG QIN: Eight Prose-poems (translated by Göran Malmqvist)
42 XING LIN ZI: Live Well, Die Well (translated by Caroline Mason)
49 LONG YINGTAI: Don't Take Away the Daylight (translated by Robin Setton)
53 ZHENG QINGWEN: Braids (translated by Joseph R. Allen)
65 CHEN YINGZHEN: Zhao Nandong: Part One — Ye Chunmei (translated by
Duncan Hewitt)
87 HUANG YING: Selling House and Home (translated by Cathy Poon)
103 XIAO SA: The Colours of Love (translated by Eva Hung)
121 KU LING: Lord Beile (translated by John and Yingtsih Balcom)
130 ZHANG DACHUN: Lucky Worries about His Country (translated by Chu Chiyu)
144 ZHU TIANXIN: Nineteen Days of the New Party (translated by Martha Cheung)
171 HUANG YOUDE: Ah Yi the Madman and Ah Zhu the Saint (translated by
Janice Wickeri)
188 LIN YAODE: The Ugly Land (translated by Stephen H. West)
198 YUAN QIONGQIONG: Flies (translated by Peter T. Morris)
202 YANG ZHAO: Lost Souls (translated by Robert Joe Cutter)
216 ZHU TIANWEN: The Long Hot Summer (translated by Ellen Lai-shan Yeung)
240 TIAN YUNLIANG: 1999. A Record of Civilization (translated by John and
Esther Dent-Young)
246 CHEN KEHUA: On the After-Dinner Television (translated by John and
Esther Dent-Young)
250 XIN YU: Crane-Zither Residence, My Old Home (translated by Andrew Parkin and Chu Chiyu)
251 DU SHISAN: The Flesh as Heir (translated by D.E. Pollard)
254 DU SHISAN: Needle (translated by Andrew Parkin and Chu Chiyu)
256 DU YE: Two Poems (translated by Eva Hung)
260 XIANG YANG: The Frost Comes Down (translated by John and Esther Dent-Young)
262 XIAO XIAO: Selected Poems (translated by Duncan Hewitt)
266 WU MINGXING: Two Poems (translated by Eva Hung)
268 LUO YING: Street Scene: Mixed Media (translated by Andrew Parkin and Chu Chiyu)
270 LIN YU: Wooden Staircase, Tehui Street (translated by Andrew Parkin and Chu Chiyu)
271 SHEN ZHIFANG: Nocturnal Revels (translated by D.E. Pollard)
273 ZHANG QIJIANG: Notice of Missing Person (translated by Andrew Parkin and Chu Chiyu)
275 XIA YU: Two Poems (translated by John Balcom)
278 LIU KEXIANG: Two Poems (translated by John Balcom)
280 WANG TIANYUAN: My Heart that Never Trembles (translated by Eva Hung)
290 MA SEN: Thoughts on the Current Literary Scene (translated by Janice Wickeri)
BAI LING: The Era After Social Diversification: Developments in Taiwanese
  Poetry 1985-1990 (translated by Duncan Hewitt and Chu Chiyu)
299 JI JI: Beyond Transient Applause (translated by Eva Hung and D.E. Pollard)
305 Notes on Authors
310 Notes on Contributors
313 Index to Renditions
Volumes XVII and XVIII (Nos. 33, 34, 35 and 36)
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