No. 37 (Spring 1992) Special section on Post-Misty Poetry

Table of contents

1 YE SHENGTAO: During the Rainstorm, 31 May (translated by Ian Ward)
5 MU SHIYING: Five in a Nightclub (translated by Randolph Trumbull)
23 MU SHIYING: Black Whirlwind (translated by Siu-kit Wong)
35 WANG ZENGQI: Revenge (translated by Shu-mei Shih and Adam Schorr)
43 WANG MENG: On the Cross (translated by Janice Wickeri)
69 Fifteen Parables from The Sutra of One Hundred Parables (translated by Pang Bingjun)
77 YUAN MEI: New Wonder Tales of Qi: excerpts (translated by Yuet Keung Lo)
86 LI SHANGYIN: Five Quatrains (translated by Teresa Yu)
91 POST-MISTY POETRY (translated by Li Fukang with Eva Hung)
149 Notes on Authors
152 Notes on Contributors
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