No. 38 (Autumn 1992) Twentieth Century Memoirs

Table of contents

1 BAO TIANXIAO: Memoirs of Bracelet Shadow Chamber (translated by Joyce Luk)
27 BA JIN: Earliest Memories (translated by Sally Taylor Lieberman)
56 ZHU ZIQING: Selecting a Wife (translated by Tao Tao Liu)
60 LAO SHE: Two Portraits (translated by Carmen Li with D.E. Pollard)
70 XIE BINGYING: Autobiography of a Woman Soldier: excerpts (translated by
Janice Wickeri)
77 FENG ZIKAI: Bombs in Yishan (translated by D.E. Pollard)
84 WU ZHUOLIU: The Fig Tree: excerpts (translated by Duncan B. Hunter)
107 SHU YI: Father's Last Two Days (translated by Harriet Clompus)
123 WANG XIYAN: Heart-scorching, Bone-burning Days: Memoirs of the Cultural Revolution: excerpts (translated by Eva Hung and D.E. Pollard)
145 YANG JIANG: Toward Oblivion: excerpts (translated by Daniel Ngai)
180 Notes on Authors
183 Notes on Contributors
185 Books Received
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