Nos. 41 & 42 (Spring & Autumn 1994) Classical Letters

Table of contents

vi Editors' Page
1 Letters Between Qin Jia and His Wife Xu Shu (translated by Göran Malmqvist)
4 Ma Yuan: Letter to His Nephews Ma Yan and Ma Dun (translated by Hans Frankel)
7 Cao Pi: Two Letters to Wu Zhi, Magistrate of Zhaoge (translated by Burton Watson)
12 Cao Zhi: Letter to Yang Dezu (translated by Richard M.W. Ho)
15 Tao Qian: Letter to His Sons (translated by James R. Hightower)
18 Bao Zhao: Letter to My Younger Sister upon Ascending the Bank of Thunder Lake (translated by Jui-lung Su)
25 Jiang Yan: Letter in Response to Yuan Shuming (translated by Taiping Chang and David R. Knechtges)
32 Wang Wei: Letter from the Hills to Scholar Pei Di (translated by Cyril Birch)
34 Li Bai: Letter to Governor Han of Jingzhou (translated by Cyril Birch)
38 Han Yu: Letter to the Chancellors (translated by Huang Kuo-pin)
46 Liu Zongyuan: Letter to Han Yu Discussing the Duties of Official Historian (translated by Denis Twitchett)
51 Bai Juyi: Letter to Yuan Zhen (translated by Stephen Owen)
56 Ouyang Xiu: To Wang Yuanshu, a Letter of Enquiry Concerning a Character on an Ancient Tombstone (translated by T.H. Barrett)
60 Sima Guang: Letter to Wang Anshi (translated by Chu Chiyu and D.E. Pollard)
73 Wang Anshi: Reply to Sima Guang (translated by John Jamieson)
76 Su Shi: Reply to Bi Zhongju (translated by Yang Xianyi)
79 Li Qingzhao: Letter to the Academician Qi Chongli (translated by Shiu-Pang E. Almberg)
85 Gui Yonguang: To the Students at My Mountain Lodgings (translated by Robert E. Hegel)
89 Zong Chen: Letter to Liu Yizhang (translated by Daniel Kane)
92 Xie Zhaozhe: Letter from the Capital to a Friend (translated by David Pattinson)
94 Yuan Hongdao: Letter to Gong Weichang (translated by D.E. Pollard)
98 Chen Hongxu: A Further Letter to Zhou Lianggong (translated by David Pattinson)
102 Gu Yangwu: Discussing the Matter of Learning with a Friend (translated by D.C. Lau)
106 Hou Fangyu: To Ruan Dacheng on Leaving Nanjing, 1643 (translated by D.E. Pollard)
110 Xia Wanchun: From the Death Cell, to His Mother (translated by D.E. Pollard)
114 Wang Zhizhen: Reply to Zhang Yihu (translated by David Pattinson)
118 Fang Bao: Letter to Wang Kunsheng (translated by C.T. Hsia)
123 Yuan Mei: Reply to Wang Dashen (translated by Chu Chiyu)
128 Yao Nai: Letters to His Grandnephews: excerpts (translated by Frederick Tsai)
133 Zeng Guofan: Letter to His Younger Brothers (translated by Janice Wickeri)
138 Xue Fucheng: Reply to a Friend on the Banning of Opium Smoking (translated by Chu Chiyu)
144 Gong Weizhai: Letter from the Snow-Swan Studio (translated by Cecile Chu-chin Sun)
149 Xu Jiacun: Two Letters from the Autumn Floods Studio (translated by Martha Cheung)
153 Liang Qichao: Letter to His Wife Huixian (translated by Oliver Stunt)
160 Lin Juemin: Last Letter to His Wife (translated by Eva Hung)
165 Chinese Texts
189 Notes on Contributors
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