Nos. 47 & 48 (Spring & Autumn 1997)

Table of contents

11 DUNG Kai Cheung: The Young Shen Nong: excerpts (translated by Ian Chapman)
23 Patsy KWAN Lai Shan: The Angel and the Angel's Halo (translated by D.E. Pollard)
42 CHAN Wai Ying: Tied Together by Fate (translated by Howard Goldblatt)
45 NG Suk Yin: Father (translated by Duncan Hewitt)
53 WONG Bik Wan: Plenty and Sorrow (translated by Janice Wickeri)
73 Xin Qi Shi: The Red Chequers Pub: excerpts (translated by Cathy Poon)
83 Xi Xi: Flying Carpet: excerpts (translated by Lau Ming Pui)
93 P.K. LEUNG: Cities of Memories.Cities of Fabrication: excerpts (translated by Richard Sheung)
107 CHAN Po Chun: The Love Story of Weird Guy and Weird Girl (translated by
Duncan Hewitt)
110 Gaylord LEUNG: Homage to the Toilet (translated by D.E. Pollard)
112 CHAN Siu Wah: White Hair (translated by Duncan Hunter)
115 Margaret NG: A Place of One's Own (translated by Paul M.H. Or)
118 MA KWOK MING: My Childhood in Tsuen Wan: excerpts (translated by
Tam Pak Shan)
124 Hung Chi: The Stewed-Pork Vendor (translated by Janice Wickeri)
126 Xiao Si: Two Prose Pieces (translated by Eva Hung)
130 Tao Jie: The Rings of a Tree (translated by Josephine Kung)
133 Peng Cao: No End to It (translated by Louise Ko)
137 Li Yue: Sacred Territory (translated by Chu Chiyu)
139 WONG Pok: Two Prose Pieces (translated by Heidi Chan)
146 NGAN Shun Kau: A Heart Eaten Out (translated by D.E. Pollard)
152 FAN Sin Piu: Four Poems (translated by Ian Chapman)
Afternoon Anxieties
Nostalgia: Imagining a future 1993 in the year 1993
Passing My Father's Old Shop
I Walked Beneath A Light
160 DEL: The Eight-Thirty Train (translated by Louise Ho)
162 Heather TU: Three Poems (translated by Louise Ho)
The Witch's Song
Denial of the Flesh
Lunch at A Five Star Hotel in Central
172 LAU Wai Shing: Three Poems (translated by D.E. Pollard)
On Passing by Train Through Tangshan
A Moth in the Striplight
182 CHAN Chi Tak: Four Poems (translated by Janice Wickeri)
Boat and Home
My Paper-Cut City
198 CHEUNG Siu Por: Three Poems (translated by Simon Patton)
Refused Entry to Peking University
Ears Pressed to Echo Wall
202 CHOI Chi Fung: Three Poems (translated by Simon Patton)
Sleepwalk in the Suburbs
Another Summer's Garden
Temple Street.Early One Friday
212 Qiu Cheng: Return (translated by Louise Ho)
214 CHEUNG Kwok Man: Rainbow-Coloured Dreams (translated by Eva Hung)
216 Xiao Xi: You Don't Want Roses (translated by Eva Hung)
218 Gu Cao: Images of Hong Kong in the Tourist Association's Publicity Films
(translated by Eva Hung)
220 Notes on Authors
226 Notes on Contributors
229 Books Received
231 Index
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