No. 50 (Autumn 1998) There and Back Again

Table of contents

4 RICHARD KING: Writings on the Urban Youth Generation
Hope: Idealists into the Unknown
10 GUO XIANHONG: The Journey: excerpts (translated by Richard King)
Propaganda for Rustication: Poetry Collection and Red Letters Home
  WANG XIPENG: A Group of Urban Youths is on Its Way (translated by Richard King)
CHEN JINGHUA : Our Will to Settle Here Will Never Fail (translated by Richard King)
AN ZANLUN: Stepping Boldly into the Kitchen (translated by Chu Chiyu)
24 HUA TONG: Yan'an Seeds (translated by Mark Caltonhill)
Pain: Misfits in the Countryside
37 ZHU LIN: The Sobbing Lancang River: excerpts (translated by Richard King)
53 Eight Verses of a Girl (translated by Ian Chapman)
55 LIANG XIAOSHENG: For the Sake of the Harvest (translated by Daniel Bryant and Yixi Zhang)
83 GAN TIESHENG : The Reunion (translated by Mark Caltonhill)
93 DENG XIAN: Dream of the Chinese Urban Youth: excerpts (translated by Richard King)
105 SHU TING: The Cry of a Generation (translated by Richard King)
Reflection: Spectres of the Past
109 YE XIN: The Wages of Sin: excerpts (translated by Ian Chapman)
The Oriental Decameron: excerpts (translated by Rita Lin)
  FENG TAI: A Soul Departed Before Its time
FU LUJIAN: The Humiliation of the Dead
XIN CHENG: Ties of Friendship Solid as Mountains
134 XING QI: Grassland Poems (translated by Song Xianlin and Gary Sigley)
Youth Equation: Narratives by Fifty Female Urban Youth from Beijing: excerpts
  LU QINGHE: Girls Grow Up and Then They Marry (translated by Alison Bailey)
ZHANG PING: An Earnest Search (translated by Rita Lin)
154 WANG XIAOYING: Faces Remembered (translated by Jennifer Eagleton)
158 Notes on Authors
160 Notes on Contributors
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