Nos. 53 & 54 (Spring & Autumn 2000) Chinese Impressions of the West

Table of contents

1 Major Events in China's Foreign Relations, 1838-1916
14 WEI YUAN: Selections from An Illustrated World Geography (translated by Tam Pak Shan)
18 XU JIYU: Selections from A Concise World Geography (translated by Tam Pak Shan)
22 PRINCE GONG ET AL.: Memorial to Emperor Xianfeng (translated by D.E. Pollard)
27 WANG KAIYUN: A Memorial on Barbarian Affairs: excerpts (translated by Burton Watson)
33 FENG GUIFEN: Selections from Petitions from Jiaobin lu (translated by Eva Hung)
39 ZHENG GUANYING: Four Essays: excerpts (translated by Chu Chiyu)
52 Recorded by ZENG JIZE: An Imperial Audience (translated by Eva Hung)
55 ZHIGANG: Selections from Record of the First Diplomatic Mission to the West (translated by Sally Church and Susan Daruvala)
62 LI GUI: Selections from New Records of Travels Around the World (translated by Lily Lee)
74 GUO SONGDAO: Selections from London and Paris Diary (translated by Eva Hung)
84 LIU XIHONG: Selections from Personal Records of Travels in Britain (translated by Alice W. Cheang)
94 ZHANG DEYI: Selections from Strange Tales from Over the Ocean (translated by D.E. Pollard)
106 ZENG JIZE: Selections from Diplomatic Mission to the West (translated by Mabel Lee)
111 LI FENGBAO: Selections from Diary of Mission to Germany (translated by D. E. Pollard)
119 DAI HONGCI: Selections from Diplomatic Mission to Nine Countries (translated by Martha P.Y. Cheung)
126 LI SHUCHANG: Selections from Recollections of the West (translated by Duncan Campbell)
132 XUE FUCHENG: Selections from Journal of Diplomatic Mission to Four European Countries (translated by D.E. Pollard)
140 WANG ZHICHUN: Selections from Notes from a Mission to Russia (translated by Ian Chapman)
145 QI ZHAOXI: Selections from Diary of Travels in America (translated by Brian Holton)
149 XU JIANYIN: Selections from Notes on Travels in Europe (translated by Ian Bartholomew)
159 XIE QINGGAO: Selections from Jottings of Sea Voyages (translated by Mark Caltonhill)
164 WANG TAO: Selections from Jottings of Carefree Travels (translated by Ian Chapman)
174 MA JIANZHONG: Letter to His Excellency Li Hongzhang: excerpts(translated by Kam Louie)
181 SONG XIAOLIAN: Selections from Notes on a Journey to the Northern Borders (translated by Anna Di Toro with D. E. Pollard)
185 XUE YOUFU: Letter to an American School Friend
189 KANG YOUWEI: Selections from Notes on Travels Around Europe (translated by Daniel Kane)
199 LIANG QICHAO: Selections from Diary of Travels through the New World (translated by Janet Ng, Earl Tai and Jesse Dudley)
214 SHAN SHILI: Selections from Travels in the Year Guimao (translated by the Editorial Team)
219 MU XIANGYUE: Selections from Autobiography of Ouchu at Fifty (translated by Eva Hung)
227 WOO HOONG NIOK: Selections from Autobiography of Rev. H.N. Woo FROM THE GRASSROOTS
232 CAO SHENG: Selections from An Ordeal Under the Barbarians (translated by Eva Hung)
238 CHEN TIANHUA: Selections from Alarm Bells (translated by Ian Chapman)
247 ANONYMOUS: The Westerner's Ten Laments: excerpts (translated by Ian Chapman)
250 Anti-Christian Propaganda
ANONYMOUS: Ghost-busting Song (translated by Eva Hung)
ANONYMOUS: An Appeal to the Hunan Public (translated by Tam Pak Shan)
256 Balloons and Flying Machines: excerpts from Dianshizhai Pictorial (translated by D.E. Pollard)
263 Selections from Youth Magazine (translated by Alice W. Cheang)
268 Notes on Contributors
272 Book Notices
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