No. 58 (Autumn 2002)

Table of contents

7 A Silver Treasury of Chinese Lyrics: a Preview (edited by Alice W. Cheang)
WEI ZHUANG: Priestess of Taoist Mysteries (No. 1) (translated by Michael
Priestess of Taoist Mysteries (No. 2) (translated by Michael Farman)
OUYANG JIONG: The South Country (translated by Mark Francis)
  River Town (translated by Mark Francis)
LI YU: Waves Scour the Sands (translated by David Hawkes)
  The Beauteous Lady Yu (translated by David Hawkes)
16 YAN SHU: Willow by the Hillside Pavilion (translated by Stephen Owen)
OUYANG XIU: Riverbank Faery (translated by Teresa Yu with David Lunde)
  A Southern Song (translated by Teresa Yu with David Lunde)
LIU YONG: Jade Butterfly (translated by Edwin A. Cranston)
  Empty the Cup (translated by Edwin A. Cranston)
25 ZHOU BANGYAN: Youthful Diversions (translated by Julie Landau)
LU YOU: Partridge Weather (translated by D.E. Pollard)
  Night Revels in the Palace (translated by D.E. Pollard)
XIN QIJI: Song of Zhu Yingtai (translated by Michael Farman)
  Feasting the Bridgegroom (translated by Alice W. Cheang)
32 DAI FUGU: Pure Serene Music (translated by Philip Watson)
34 JIANG JIE: Feasting the Bridgegroom (translated by Alice W. Cheang)
ZHANG YAN: High Mount Yangtain (translated by Mary M.Y. Fung and David
Fragrance Fills the Courtyard (translated by Mary M.Y. Fung and David Lunde)
41 Plum Blossom and Snow: Three Ci Poems (translated by Eva Hung)
42 LU YOU: The Fortune Teller
44 CHAO BUZHI: Salt Crystals
46 NARA SINGDE: Picking Mulberry
47 A Tale of an Infatuated Woman (translated by Mark Stevenson and Wu Cuncun)
98 HAN BANGQING: Shanghai Demi-monde: Chapters I and II (translated by Eileen Chang and Eva Hung)
117 DING LING: A Bullet Never Fired (translated by T.M. McClellan)
127 ZHANG KANGKANG: The Peony Garden (translated by Daniel Bryant)
CHEN KEHUA: Four Poems (translated by Simon Patton)
  this life cage
gazing into the distance one autumn day
a dream of one fine day
145 Notes on Authors
150 Notes on Contributors
154 Book Notices
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