No. 66 (Autumn 2006) Hong Kong Essays

Table of contents

7 Shijing: Thirteen Poems (translated by Michael E. Farman)
23 Shijing: One Poem (translated by David Lunde)
24 Two Anonymous Poems from North-eastern China (translated by De-nin D. Lee)
Four Tang Poems (translated by Louise Ho)
  WANG WEI: Two Poems
JIA DAO: Heavy Clouds
DU FU: Thoughts on Drifting
32 DU MU: Four Poems (translated by Cornelius Medvei)
35 OUYANG XIU: Four Poems (translated by Li C. Tien and John Palen)
Ten Poems on Yangzhou (translated by Mark Stevenson)
  DU MU: Four Poems
LIU CHANGQING: Climbing the Pagoda at Spirit Lodge Monastery, Yangzhou
ZHANG HU: Exploring Huainan
XU NING: Thoughts of Yangzhou
WANG JIAN: Taking in Yangzhou Market One Night
WEI ZHUANG: Returning Through Yangzhou
GONG ZIZHEN: Passing Through Yangzhou
Four Classical Poems (translated by Jianqing Zheng and Angela Ball)
  HAN YU: Listening to Master Ying Playing the Zither
MENG HAORAN: Mooring on the Jiande River
ZHANG JI: Night Moor by the Maple Bridge
LI ZHIYI: To the Tune of Fortune-telle
57 HANSHAN DEQING: Six Zen Poems (translated by Mary M. Y. Fung and David Lunde)
63 CHANG HSIU-YA: Two Poems (translated by Herbert Batt and Sheldon P. Zitner)
66 CAO JUREN: Having Adrifted over the Sea of Life: excerpts (translated by Brian Holton)
72 SI GUO: Unemployed (translated by David E. Pollard)
79 XIA GUO: The Emotional Appeal of Wonton Noodles (translated by Heidi Chan)
82 ZHAO TAO: My Life with Mirrors (translated by Simon Patton )
86 JOSEPH S. M. LAU: Potato-eating Days: excerpts (translated by Chu Chiyu)
91 DU DU: Going to the Movies (translated by Eva Hung)
94 CHUNG LING LING: Those Aches and Pains (translated by Simon Patton)
97 HUI TIK CHEUNG: Falling (translated by Florence Li and Janice Wickeri )
99 YUAN YUAN: Good Work Undone (translated by Heidi Chan)
103 CHAN TAK KAM: Blind Fortune-tellers (translated by Caroline Mason)
106 WU YIN CHING: High Street (translated by Janice Wickeri)
111 DUNG KAI CHEUNG: Spring Garden Lane (translated by Bonnie S. McDougall with Wong Nim Yan)
114 YE SI (P. K. Leung): Photographing the New Territories (translated by Chi-yin Ip)
117 Notes on Authors
124 Notes on Contributors
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