A Brotherhood in Song: Chinese Poetry and Poetics

Edited by Stephen C. Soong

Table of contents

1 STEPHEN SOONG: Introduction: The Chinese Poetic Tradition
21 CH'IEN CHUNG-SHU: Poetry as a Vehicle of Grief (translated by Siu-kit Wong)
41 YEH CHIA-YING: Li Shang-yin's "Four Yen-t'ai Poems" (translated by
James R. Hightower)
93 JAMES J.Y. LIU: Chiang K'uei's Poetics
99 HUANG KUO-PIN: Li Po and Tu Fu: A Comparative Study
127 WEN I-TO: Form in Poetry (translated by Randy Trumbull)
137 Five Poems (translated by David Hawkes)
142 LI PO: The Hard Road to Shu (translated by A.C. Graham)
145 STEPHEN OWEN: Some Mid-T'ang Quatrains
179 Six Poems (translated by Arthur Cooper)
187 Fifteen Selected Lyrics (translated by D.C. Lau)
200 LI CH'ING-CHAO: Double Brightness (translated by John Minford)
201 LU YU: Seven Poems (translated by Burton Watson)
205 WU WEN-YING: Five Tz'u Songs (translated by Grace S. Fong)
215 Fifteen Yüan San-Ch'iü (translated by C.H. Kwock and Gary G. Gach)
230 Ten Ming Songs (translated by K.C. Leung)
241 CHU HSIANG: Thirteen Lyric Poems (translated by Bonnie S. McDougall)
252 MU TAN: Eleven Poems (translated by Pang Bingjun)
273 CHENG CH'OU-YÜ: Ten Poems (translated by Huang Kuo-pin)
287 STEPHEN SOONG: The "Biased Compound" in Chinese Poetic Diction
307 LING CHUNG: This Ancient Man Is I
331 JOHN CAYLEY: To Keep Them from Falling
351 JOHN TIMOTHY WIXTED: Sung-Dynasty and Western Poems on Poetry
360 TAI FU-KU and YÜAN HAO-WEN: Poems on Poetry (translated by
John Timothy Wixted)
371 Brush and Breath: Poems on Poetry from the Ch'ing Dynasty (translated by
John Minford)
383 Notes on Contributors
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