Song without Music: Chinese Tz'u Poetry

Edited by Stephen C. Soong

Table of contents

5 Twenty Selected Lyrics (Translatied by D.C. Lau)
25 MIAO YÜEH: The Chinese Lyric (Translated by John Minford)
45 Eleven Tz'uby Wei Chuang (Translated by C.Y. Hsu)
57 CHANG TSUNG-SU: Behind the Lines: Tz'uPoets and Their Private Selves
    (Translated by Frederick C. Tsai)
62 Thirteen Tz'uby Liu Yung (Translated by Winnie Lai-fong Leung)
83 CHA-YING YEH CHAO: An Appreciation of the Tz'u of Yen Shu
     (Translated by James R. Hightower)
100 Twenty-one Tz'uby Ou-yang Hsiu (Translated by Teresa Yee-wha Yü)
121 RUTH W. ADLER: Confucian Gentleman and Lyric Poet: Romanticism
    and Eroticism in the Tz'uof Ou-yang Hsiu
143 CHENG CH'IEN: Liu Yung and Su Shih in the Evolution of Tz'u Poetry
    (Translated by Ying-hsiung Chou)
157 KU SUI: Interpretation of Su Tung-p'o's Tz'u
    (Translated by Huang Kuo-pin and Teresa Yee-wha Yü)
177 Nine Tz'uby Chou Pang-yen (Translated by Julie Landau)
190 YÜ P'ING-PO: Appreciations of Tz'u (Translated by Ying-hsiung Chou
    and Winnie Lai-fong Leung)
199 Ten Tz'u by Lu Yu (Translated by James P. Rice)
211 LIANG MING-YÜEH: The Tz'u Music of Chiang K'uel: Its Style and
    Compositional Strategy
247 Three Tz'u Songs with Prefaces by Chiang K'uei (Translated by
    Huang Kuo-pin)
252 Eleven Tz'uby Nalan Hsinteh (Translated by John C.H. Wu)
265 WAI-LEUNG WONG: "The River at Dusk Is Saddening Me": Cheng Ch'ou
    Yü and Tz'u Poetry
280 Notes on Contributors
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