Shu Ting: Selected Poems

Edited by Eva Hung

Table of contents

Editor's Preface
A Dialogue with Shu Ting and Chen Zhongyi
A Boat with Two Masts
Goodbye in the Rain
A Boat
When You Walk Beneath My Window
To and Oak
Two, Maybe Three Different Memories
A roadside encounter
A Late Autumn Evening in Beijing
Assembly Line
Fallen Leaf
Homeward bound
A Love Song for this Land
Brother, I'm here
Evening Star
Evening Montage
The Singing Iris
Ah Min in the Café
In Memory of My Late Grandmother
Twelve Nights of the Milky Way (TV Poetry)
July That Year
End of Hibernation
... in between
A Letter to the Guitar Girl
In the Night-club
Husum Game Restaurant
Water Metasequoia
Death of the Monk
The Archaeopteryx
Autumn thoughts
The Sleeping Clock
Where the soul dwells
That Primary Colour
Goodbye, white handkerchief
A night at an inn
Waters of Green Lake
Sunset on White Creeper Lake
Curriculum Vitae
A Letter to Second Uncle
The Time of Power Failure
A Style of Playing
Reading at Night
The age of autumn
Chen Zhongyi: Afterword — Some Thoughts on Shu Ting's Poetry
•  Eva Hung
  Tao Tao Liu
  Gordon Osing
  De-an Wu Swihart
  Janice Wickeri
  Henry Y.H. Zhao
  D.E. Pollard
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