Hong Kong Stories: Old Themes New Voices

Edited by Eva Hung

Table of contents

by LO Wai Luen (Xiao Si)
translated by TAM Pak Shan and Eva Hung
by Virginia NG Suk Yin
translated by Duncan Hewitt
The Angel and the Angel's Halo
by Patsy KWAN Lai Shan
translated by D.E. Pollard
Tied Together by Fate
by CHAN Wai Ying
translated by Howard Goldblatt
Addendum to a Conversation
by CHAN Po Chun
translated by Janice Wickeri
The Young Shen Nong
by DUNG Kai Cheung
translated by Ian Chapman
Plenty and Sorrow
by WONG Bik Wan
translated by Janice Wickeri
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