Ai Wu [real name Tang Daogeng] 1904-

Dissatisfied with old-style learning and opposed to arranged marriages, Ai Wu abandoned his studies in Chengdu for a itinerant existence which took him to Kunming and, eventually, Burma where he wrote his first story with the encouragement of a local monk. After being deported from Rangoon by British authorities in the early 1930s, he went to Shanghai, joined the Left-wing League of Writers and pursued a literary career. He was one of the handful of veteran writers who remained productive after 1949.

  • Nanxing ji (Journey to the South) 1935
  • Fengrao de yuanye (A Prosperous Champaign) 1979
  • Wenxue shouce (A Handbook of Literature) 1941
  • Guxiang (Hometown) 1947
  • Ah Wu Ertong wenxue zuopin xuan (Selections of Children Literature by Ai Wu)

    Works available in English:

  • Banana Vale (Jeff Book). Beijing: Chinese Literature Press, 1993.
  • Steeled and Tempered. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1961.
  • Wild Bull Village: Chinese Short Stories (by Ai Wu and others). Beijing: Foreign
       Languages Press, 1965.