Ba Jin (Pa Chin) [real name Li Feigan] 1904-2005

Born in Chengdu and moved to Nanjing in 1923. He lived and studied in Paris from 1927 to 1928, and also wrote his first novel there. He wrote numerous short stories, children's books and articles, as well as more than ten novels, the most famous of which is probably Family (1933). During the Cultural Revolution he was attacked by the Gang of Four, but later became a standing member of the Fifth National People's Congress and vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers Association.

  • Aiqing sanbuqu: Wu (1931), Yu(1933), Dian(1935) (Love Trilogy: Fog, Rain,
  • Jiliu sanbuqu: Jia(1933), Chun(1938), Qiu(1940) (Rip Trilogy: Family, Spring,
  • Translated stories by Julio Baghy, Leopold Kampf, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev
       and Maksim Gorky.

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