Bao Zhao (Pao Chao) 414?-466

The most important yuefu poet in the Southern Dynasties (420-589). A native of Donghai, Bao served as an Attendant Gentleman to Liu Yiqing, the Prince of Linchuan and the author of Shishuo xinyu [A New Account of Tales of the World]. He was an Adjutant in the army of Liu Zixu, Prince of Linhai, when a revolt broke out and he was killed in the upheaval. His works were well-received by and quite influential to Tang poets. In addition to yuefu, Bao also excelled in fu and prose, among which 'Wucheng Fu' [The Ruined City] is the most famous. His extant works include some three dozen essays and over 200 poems collected in Bao Canjun ji [Collection of Attendant Bao].