Cao Juren 1900-1972

Born in Zhejiang, Cao was active on the Shanghai literary scene before he came to Hong Kong in 1950, where he started to make a living as a full-time writer, covering such genres as novel, essay, biography, travel diary, and reportage. His personal relationship with two of the leading May Fourth writers, Lu Xun 魯迅 (1881–1936) and Zhou Zuoren 周作人 (1885–1967), features significantly in some of his works. Though of leftist sympathy, Cao remained outside of official Communist and pro-Communist quarters of the Hong Kong literary circles that were politically divided. His best-known works are probably his memoirs Fuguole shenminghai 浮過了生命海 [Having drifted over the sea of life] (1969) and Wo yu wode shijie 我與我的世界 [My world and I] (1972).