Chai Wawa [real name Poon Ching Ying 潘正英] 1940-

Born in Zhangzhou, Chai came to Hong Kong as a child in 1949. In 1965, she started working as a publicity officer for Western films and wrote articles on foreign film stars for various local Chinese newspapers. After that she became a columnist for the literary supplements of Hong Kong Times 香港時報, Express News 快報, Oriental Daily 東方日報 and, together with six other women writers, contributed for many years to the highly successful literary column Qi hao wenji 七好文集 [Seven women's collection] in Sing Tao Daily 星島日報. Her essay collections include Diyi yan 第一眼 [First glance] (1985) and Wawa ji 娃娃集 [The essay collection of Wawa] (1983).