Dai Tian [real name Dai Shing Yee 戴成義) 1938-

Born in China, Dai Tian came to Hong Kong in the 1950s. He studied at the National Taiwan University and was one of the founding editors of Taiwan's influential Modern Literature 現代文學. Dai joined the Iowa Writers' Workshop after graduation, and drew on that experience for a poetry workshop in Hong Kong in 1969, providing a venue for many young poets. His poetry collections include Gouloushan lunbian 岣嶁山論辯 [Debate in Gouloushan] (1980) and Shitou de yanjiu 石頭的研究 [Research on stones] (1987). He was the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly 信報財經月刊 (1992–2001) and is now a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal 信報.