Dong Qizhang (Dung Kai Cheung) 1967-

Born in Hong Kong, Dong received his B.A. and M.Phil. in comparative literature from the University of Hong Kong. He is well known for his fiction, book reviews and cultural critiques. He won Taiwan's Unitas Award for New Fiction Writers in 1994 for his novella Anzhuozhenni 安卓珍尼 [Androgyny] and the United Daily News Special Award for Fiction for his novel Shuangshen 雙身 [The double body] (1997). His latest work is the award-winning Tiangong kaiwu, Xuxu ru zhen 天工開物.栩栩如真 [Works and creation] (2006), the first book in his Hong Kong trilogy. Dong teaches part-time at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.