Fei Dao 飛氘 [pen name of Jia Liyuan 賈立元]

Fei was graduated from Beijing Normal University, is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University. His short story 'Yige moshi de gushi' 一個末世的故事 [A story of the end of the world] (2006) has been translated into Italian and published in ALIA, an annual anthology of world science fiction writings. His film script, adapted from his own namesake story 'Qusi de manman lutu' 去死的漫漫旅途 [A long journey to death] (2006), won the second Young Script-writers' Support Programme award in 2009. He has published a short story collection Chunzhen ji qi suo bianzaode 純真及其所編造的 [Innocence and what it fabricates] (2011).