Feng Menglong (Feng Meng-lung) 馮夢龍 1574-1646

Feng was a well-known compiler of anthologies of popular literature in the Ming dynasty. Born into a scholarly family in present-day Suzhou, he was recognized as an outstanding literary talent in his youth. In his middle years he began to collect and edit popular fiction, poetry, and jokes, and was also a respected playwright and editor of plays. His publications include collections of jokes, collections of classical-language stories and anecdotes, some revised versions of novels, and the San yan 三言 collections of stories: Yushi mingyan 喻世明言 [Stories to enlighten the world], Jingshi tongyan 警世通言 [Stories to caution the world], and Xingshi hengyan 醒世恆言 [Stories to awaken the world].

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