Gu Cangwu [pen name of Koo Siu Sun 古兆申] 1945-

Gu is a graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. While still a student, he co-edited Modern Chinese Poetry: an Anthology 1917–1949 現代中國詩選. In 1967, he co-founded Pan Ku Magazine 盤古. He joined the Iowa Writers' Workshop in 1970 and wrote a number of pro-leftist poems that reflected the concerns of that era. On returning to Hong Kong he started two literary magazines, Wenxue yu meishu 文學與美術 [Literature and art] (1975) and Ba fang 八方 [All directions] (1979), to offset the dominance of politics in Pan Ku. A retired academic, he is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. His recent collections of writings include Beiwanglu 備忘錄 [Memorandum] (1995), Zufu de dazhai 祖父的大宅 [Grandfather's mansion] (2002) and Shu xiang xi meng 書想戲夢 [Thoughts on books, dreams of dramas] (2004).