Guo Moruo (Kuo Mo-jo) 1892-1978

Studied in Japan, where in 1921 he was a founding member of the literary group, the Creation Society. An influential poet in the Romantic style then new to China, he also wrote several plays on historical themes and characters. Well-known as a palaeographer, translator and autobiographer, Guo was a high-level cultural functionary in the PRC government.

Works available in English:

  • Chu Yuan, a play in five acts (Yang Hsienyi and Gladys Yang). Peking: Foreign
       Languages Press, 1953.
  • Five Historical Plays (Fumin Peng and Bonnie S. McDougall). Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1984.
  • Selected poems from The Goddesses. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1978.

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