Ha Gong [real name Xu Guo 許國) 1930-1987

Born in the Philippines, Ha Gong worked as a factory owner, film critic and script-writer after he came to Hong Kong. In the mid-1970s he began his career as a columnist for Ming Pao 明報 and other local newspapers. His political satires were often compared to the works of San Su 三蘇. His sharp criticism of the PRC government, which won him popularity among readers, also caused conflict with his employers. In 1986, he founded the magazine Emancipation Monthly 解放 which was noted for its analysis of Chinese politics. Collections of his work include Ha Gong guailun 哈公怪論 [Eccentric essays by Ha Gong] (1981) and Ha Gong yulu 哈公語錄 [Ha Gong's sayings] (1981).