Huang Biyun (Wong Bik Wan) 1961-

Born in Hong Kong, Huang received her B.A. in journalism from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and took a course in French language and culture at Universite Paris 1. She worked as a reporter and script-writer before becoming a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines. Her publications include the short story collections Qihou 其後 [Afterwards] (1991) and Qizhong jingmo 七種靜默 [Seven types of silence] (1997), and a volume of essays entitled Houzhimin zhi 後殖民誌 [Postcolonial records] (2003). She won the 1994 Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature (Fiction) for Wenrou yu baolie 溫柔與暴烈 [Tenderness and violence].