Huang Dihua 黃棣華 (1872-1955)

He was a native of Shunde, Guangdong province. Huang obtained the xiucai qualification in 1894, and had served as Aide to Assistant Magistrate in Jiangsu before starting a school in Foshan. Later he engaged in the shipping business, which took him all over China and Japan. In 1927 he settled permanently at Fuxuan Shanguan 負暄山館 [House for winter sun basking] in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong and since then founded various poetry societies, viz. Zhengsheng Shishe 正聲詩社 [Proper sound poetry society], Suihan Shishe 歲寒詩社 [Winter poetry society], Chanyuan Shishe 蟾圓詩社 [Moon poetry society] as well as the Shuoguo She. His publications include Fuxuan shanguan shicao 負暄山館詩草 [Poetry drafts from the House for Winter Sun Basking].