Hu Guoxian (Woo Kwok Yin) 1946-

Hu writes poetry under the pen name Ji Hun. Born in Hong Kong, Hu gained his M.A. at the University of Hong Kong. In 1972, he co-founded the poetry club Shi Feng She 詩風社 and its magazine Poetry 詩風, and also served over the years as an editor for Shi Bi-monthly 詩雙月刊 and Poetry Network 詩網絡. His collected works include Nanse shou 藍色獸 [Blue beast] (1970) and Wo kongpa liming qian bian shui qu 我恐怕黎明前便睡去 [I'm afraid I'll fall asleep before dawn] (1991). He also edited Xianggang jin wushi nian xinshi chuangzuo xuan 香港近五十年新詩創作選 [Hong Kong poetry in the last 50 years] (2001) as part of the government-sponsored Writer-in-residence Programme. He is a secondary school principal.