Lin Gu 林谷 [real name Wang Lingu 王林谷] 1919-1995

He was a member of the group that wrote rows and Sparrows (1948). Lin shared script credit for Stage Sisters (1965) with Xie Jin and Xu Jin 徐進. In 1980 he wrote the screen adaptation of Qiyue liuhuo 七月流火 (July filariasis).

Xu Jin 徐進

He is a prominent Shaoxing opera librettist from Zhejiang. Xu shared writing duties for Stage Sisters (1965) focusing on the opera aspects of the film. His other works for cinema include the script credit for the Shaoxing opera version of Honglou meng 紅樓夢 (Dream of the red chamber), a 1962 co-production between a Shanghai and a Hong Kong film studio.

Xie Jin 謝晉 1923-2008

He was a leading figure in the Chinese film industry from the 1950s until his death. Xie made his name as director of films featuring determined young women, such as Nülan wu hao 女籃五號 (Girl basketball player no. 5; 1957) and Qionghua 瓊花 (a.k.a. The red detachment of women; 1960). A darker take on the position of women was his Stage Sisters (1965). Despite criticism of this film, Xie was active during the Cultural Revolution years in filming model operas and ballets. His melodramas on recent political events, including Tianyunshan chuanqi 天雲山傳奇 (Legend of the Tianyun Mountains; 1980) and Hibiscus Town (1986) helped establish a 'Xie Jin style' of film-making. His later films include Yapian zhanzheng 鴉片戰爭 (The Opium War; 1997).