Liang Xihua (Gaylord Kai Loh Leung) 1933-

Born in China, Liang received his Ph.D. from London University. He joined the Department of Chinese at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1976, where a small group of scholar-writers including Yu Kwang-chung 余光中, Si Guo 思果, Laurence Wong 黃國彬 and Liang came to be called 'Shatin writers'. His publications include Xu Zhimo xin zhuan 徐志摩新傳 [A new biography of Xu Zhimo] (1979), the essay collection Baxian zhi lian 八仙之戀 [The love of Pat Sin Range] (1985) and the novel Duli cangmang 獨立蒼茫 [Alone in the vast world] (1985). He emigrated to Canada in 1994 after his retirement.