Liao Weitang (Liu Wai Tong) 1975-

A poet and photographer, Liao was born in Guangdong and came to Hong Kong in 1997. His essays and poetry have won local awards including Youth Literary Award (1998) and Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese (1998, 2006), as well as Taiwan's China Times Literary Award (1999) and United Daily News Literary Award (2000). A co-founder of the poetry journals New Poets 新詩人 in mainland China and Poetry Waves 詩潮 in Hong Kong, he also co-edited the Beijing art magazine Vision 21 視覺 21. His collected works include Suizhe yumen xiachen 隨著魚們下沉 [Sinking with the fish] (1998) and Huayuan de jiaoluo, huo jiaoluo de huayuan 花園的角落,或角落的花園 [A corner of the garden, or a garden in the corner] (1999).